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Professional Driving School in Texas

Parent Taught Drivers Ed LLC is your premier choice for comprehensive teen and adult driver's education throughout Texas. With over 35 years of experience, our real live instructors provide top-notch training that covers both classroom learning and practical drives, including the real permit test online. We also offer DPS road tests in town for your convenience. When you call us, rest assured you'll speak to a live person who is ready to assist you.

Our Services

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Teen Driver's Education for All Ages: Our 16 classroom lessons are designed to prepare students for safe and confident driving. Take the permit test online with us, not at the DPS, and benefit from our exclusive DPS road test availability.

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Online Driver's Ed Course: Our full course meets all state requirements and includes classwork, drive times at home, and the real DPS permit test online. Parents will sign a certificate as the instructor, streamlining the permit and license process.

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In-Car Phase (Behind-the-Wheel Only): For students with a permit completing their drive times, our state-approved course provides the DE964 certificate for obtaining a driver's license.

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Parent Taught Driver's Ed Course: This comprehensive course meets all state requirements for teenage driver's education, including classwork, drive times, and the real DPS permit test online.

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Adult Driver's ED: 6-hour course for ages 18+

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